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First stop of the Global Mobile Gaming Confederation (GMGC) Southeast Asia in 2017 was the gaming-crazy Megacity Manila. No doubt, the Megacitizens-Team had to take a look.

Manila is one of the most vibrant Megacities in the world - especially when it comes to social media (Hello, Selfie-Capital of the World), just being online and of course (mobile) online gaming. Thus, it was a great honour and opportunity for the Megacitizens in Manila when the GMGC decided to host the GMGC 2017 in their Megacity. It honestly seemed like a mutually beneficial decision.

As a venue, the makers of GMGC decided to choose the luxurious EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. Apart from the usual business-elements of such a conference with Meet&Greet, VIP Areas and Business-Speed-Dating the GMGC offered a wide range of distinguished speakers and - which is really cool - an Indie Pitch Arena.

As far as the speakers go, it was a well thought-through mix with big tech companies such as Globe, Akamai or Google being present but also local stars such as Curtis, Erwan Heussaff, Belle Daza and Kuya Kim -- of of course, lot of game developers!

Apart from the usual business talks, the great thing about GMGC was the opportunity to beta-test and play various mobile games - often made by local developers -,  give feedback, ask questions and engage with those people behind the games. Our team could have spent much more time there, exploring all the different games and being excited of what's coming out this year on the mobile gaming market.

All left to say is: Goodbye GMGC, we hope to see you soon!

Check out the pictures and videos our team took:

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GMGC Manila 2017