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Among Manila's hungry Megacitizens, fast food restaurants have become just as popular as street food vendors and carinderias, the local eateries. Here we present the top fast food chains in the Philippines.

The  majority of fast food restaurants the Philippines can be found in shopping malls and in the business districts. The latter are open around the clock to attend to BPO employees during night shift. Most fast food restaurants also deliver, many of them 24/7. A typical value meal consists of a main dish such as burger or chicken, a side dish such as rice or fries, and a drink, usually soda or iced tea. Prices vary roughly between 60 and 250 pesos. Several fast food chains have special offers for families and big groups, corresponding with the social Philippine dining habits. 

The most popular fast food restaurant is Jollibee, a Philippine company. Click here four our main article. The Jollibee Foods Corporation owns several other fast food chains, catering for all tastes:

  • Chowking, serving Chinese food in Western fast food style.
  • Greenwich, for pizza and pasta.
  • Mang Inasal, a Philippine barbecue fast food chain.
  • Red Ribbon, a bakeshop offering cakes, breads and pastries for take-out and dine-in.
  • Burger King Philippines, the country's branch of the American fast food giant.

Other popular Philippine fast food restaurants are:

  • Max's, famous for their fried chicken.
  • Tropical Hut, serving a variety of hamburgers as well as spaghetti and chicken.
  • Brother's Burger, provides you with high-end burger creations.
  • Tokyo Tokyo, offers Japanese food in Western fast food style.
  • Chick-Boy, serving mainly Philippine-style "Chicken at Baboy" (chicken and pork) dishes.
  • Yellow Cab Pizza, here you get arguably some of the best pizzas in the country.
  • Goto King, serving rice meals and other Philippine favorites.

American fast food chains can also be found everywhere in Metro Manila. Some of them have adapted their menu to the Philippine taste. The most popular items at McDonald's for example are not Big Mac and French Fries but Sweet Spaghetti and the Chicken & Rice value meals. 


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