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The question of where to go when mother nature calls is an important one. There are certain things you should know about while you are in the Megacity and the rest of the country. Should you ask for the loo or use another word for it? 

Rest Room or Comfort Room

Depending on the part of the world you are in, you might find yourself asking for the same thing with different names - even if you only use the English language. If mother nature calls, you should ask for the 'comfort room' or simply 'CR' whilst in the Megacity. You can also use the Filipino word 'banyo' (baño is Spanish for bathroom). For more advanced scholars of the Philippine language, use 'San po ang banyo?'.

Location, Location, Location

Usually, you have the best chance to find a clean and cozy comfort room in a hotel, upscale restaurant or even in the malls. While malls and restaurants can also be so-so, bars in the Megacity will definitely offer your the worst possible choice.

'Survival Kit'

Even if it sounds kind of funny, many Megacitizens, male and female, do carry around with them a small 'survival kit' consisting of alcohol (to kill germs), wet/ baby wipes and small portions of toilet paper (which is often missing in public restrooms). These things will be needed wherever you go.