Metro Manila · Definition of 'Manila'

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If you are new to the Megacity, you will certainly feel a bit confused about the use of terms such as 'Manila', 'City of Manila', 'Metro Manila', NCR, and so on. Let us clarify which term refers to what and what their meanings are.

Metro Manila

Metro Manila or the Metropolitan Area of Manila refer to an amalgam of different 17 cities (or to be precise: 16 cities and one municipality). Those cities are grouped into an administrative region called Metro Manila. Cities belonging to Metro Manila area:

  • Caloocan
  • Las Piñas
  • Makati City
  • Malabon
  • Mandaluyong
  • Manila
  • Marikina
  • Muntinlupa
  • Navotas
  • Parañaque
  • Pasay
  • Pasig
  • Pateros (municipality)
  • Quezon City
  • San Juan
  • Taguig
  • Valenzuela

National Capital Region (NCR)

The National Capital Region Manila also known as NCR equals the definition under 'Metro Manila'. The term NCR is often used in political references and discussions as it is one of the political regions of the Philippines.

Megacity Manila

The Megacity or Megacity Manila are terms used by Megacities-go-Services. With Megacity or Megacity Manila we are referring to 'Metro Manila' which also equals 'NCR'. While associating to 'Metro Manila' with an administrative background and NCR with a political framework, 'Megacity' is more linked to the socio-economic aspects. Referring to Metro Manila as 'Megacity' highlights living and working in the Metro Manila society, from a national and international perspective.


Even though Manila is used on a lot of occasions, it actually refers to Manila city which one of the seventeen cities which make up Metro Manila. Manila is the former financial district of Metro Manila - which now is Makati city. Manila is now more associated with the old town as several cultural and historic sights are located within the border of the city. People tend to use 'Manila' as equivalent for 'Metro Manila', which it is not.

Makati City, Quezon City ...

All those listed under 'Metro Manila' are actually cities. They are administratively linked through the administrative region Metro Manila but are standalone cities with their own mayors et cetera.

Hotspot Salcedo Village ...

HotSpots are geographical areas which are easily reachable for Megacitizens and feature establishments - such as restaurants, bars and the like - that are of interest for Megacitizens. They are virtually come up with by Megacities-go-Services. Those areas have been designed after careful study and might coincide with administrative areas such as village borders but must not necessarily do so.


The districts or legislative districts are based on the political division of the Philippines in geographical areas represented by members of the House of Representatives.


Barangays are the smallest administrative areas in the Philippine system. They are like villages or parts of cities.