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You can find ATMs of the different local (and some international) banks everywhere across the city. Most ATMs are situated inside malls, banks and on the outside walls of banks. The latter are accessible 24/7. Outside the Megacity, there are still ATMs in every town. If you plan to go to the deepest countryside or smaller village, though, you might not be able to find an ATM for a while. 

If you are using an ATM which is not inside a bank or mall, make sure it has not been tampered with. Check if the the slot for your card is steady and if there is a camera above the number pad. Always cover your typing with your other hand. If possible, only use ATMs inside banks and malls or ATMs with a security guard standing nearby.

You can withdraw from an ATM with national debit cards as well as national and international credit cards. Many banks charge an extra fee of 200 Pesos for international credit cards. If a fee is being applied, it will be shown as a warning on the monitor before you withdraw. However, your foreign issuing bank for the international credit card might shoulder this fee - just check your statement of account to make sure.

Almost all ATMs do only allow withdrawing 10.000 pesos at once. Additionally, there is a limit of 30.000/40.000 pesos (depending on the bank) for the daily withdrawal with the same bank. You can however withdraw say 30.000 pesos from BPI and 30.000 from Metrobank the same day.

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