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You get groceries from all over the world in Philippine supermarkets, but the country also has its own local brands of delicious food, drinks, and snacks. Here is what you should definitely try out.

San Miguel Beer

The San Miguel Corporation is Southeast Asia´s biggest listed food and beverage company. Its brewery has almost a monopoly on beer in the Philippines and you get it in 99% of all bars. Most popular is the San Miguel Light, an American-style light beer. Europeans often prefer the slightly stronger Pale Pilsen or Super Dry, while the alternative scene prefers the strong Red Horse. Apple- and lemon-flavored beers are also available, an excellent refreshment during hot evenings.

Mama Sita Mixes

For those who love Filipino cuisine but have little time to prepare, Mama Sita always offers a helping hand. The company produces spice mixes, ready-made sauces, marinades, and seasonings that help you master even the most sophisticated Philippine dishes in your own kitchen.

Oishi Snacks

Sari-sari and convenience stores are always cramped with Oishi´s huge assortment of salty snacks. One reason for the brand´s popularity is that most products are available in small bags for only a handful of pesos. A must-try are Oishi´s vegetarian chicharon, prawn crackers, and potato fries. Cereals, popcorn, sweets, and powdered drinks are also part of the product line.

Jack ‘n Jill Snacks 

Jack ‘n Jill is another main supplier when it comes to snacks and sweets. Among Jack ‘n Jill’s bestsellers are vegetarian chicharon, coming in a spicy and a mild version, Cloud 9 chocolate bars, Cream-O cookies, and chocolate pretzels. Jack ‘n Jill Wafrets are a good snack for traveling, as they prevent sticky fingers.

Magnolia Dairy Products 

Magnolia, a subsidiary of San Miguel Corp, is one of the biggest dairy companies of the Philippines, producing milk, butter, jams, cheese, and desserts. Magnolia Quickmelt, a processed cheese, is an essential baking ingredient in many households, used for Pinoy favorites such as baked macaroni and puto rice cake. Magnolia Ice Cream comes in uniquely Philippine flavors such as Ube, Halo-Halo, and Mais-Queso (corn and cheese).

Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs 

An all-time favorite Filipino fast food, not only among kids. The deep red sausages are sold on sticks in the streets and in deep-frozen packs in grocery stores. Tender Juicy Hotdog is also a popular ingredient for pasta sauces. Producer Purefoods, yet another San Miguel subsidiary, provides mainly frozen goods such as bacon, ham, pizza, and a selection of international specialty sausages, from Hungarian to Frankfurters.

Tanduay Drinks  

The Tanduay Distillery produces rum since the 1850s. Today it offers a wide range of rums from basic to premium quality as well as other liquors such as vodka and gin. The sister company Asia Brewery produces Tanduay Ice, a pre-mixed vodka drink that is hugely popular among younger people in the Philippines. 

Lucky Me Instant Noodles  

Among Filipinos, Lucky Me is one of the most popular brands for instant noodles, the snack of choice for many busy Megacitizens. It has dozens of products in store: instant versions of classic Philippine dishes like bulalo or pancit, Chinese noodles, spaghetti, baked mac, cup noodles, and more.

Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes 

There are many producers of dried mangoes, but Philippine brand is one of our favorites. This sticky, chewy, and übersweet snack is always a popular pasalubong (the Tagalog term for edible souvenirs). Philippine Brand belongs to Profood, a company specialized on jams, juices, and dried fruits.

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