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"Vom Fass" is German for "from the cask", and that is how the delicacies at this little store are served. The two branches in Metro Manila have a wide, constantly changing selection of liquors, oils, vinegars, and whiskeys, sold straight from the barrel per 100 ml. 

The Vom Fass branches are paradise for clients with an acquired taste.

In one corner you have bulgy glas containers containing fruit liquours in all colors of the rainbow. Then you have a pyramid of more than 20 wooden barrels, dispensing the finest whiskeys, most of them several decades old. Each barrel has a label stating origin, age, alcohol strength, and other characteristics. Beside that you find a good selection of wines.

Another shelf is filled with dozens of earthenware barrels. Here, fans of salads and fine cuisine can choose between all the oils and vinegars one can think of. There are extra virgin olive oils, truffle and rose oil, oils made of of nuts or seeds, and so on. The wine vinegars (mostly balsamic) come in all kinds of fruity flavors: calamansi, cherry, berry flavors, mango, honey, and more. 

Customers can try most of the products at Vom Fass before making a decision. You can bring your own container or buy one of the differently shaped glass bottles. They come with a free customized inscription.

Vom Fass is a franchise business from Germany with branches all over the world. 


Unit 1018, Lower Ground Level, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, HotSpot Edsa-Ortigas, Mandaluyong City


Unit 263, 2F, SM Aura, Fort Bonifacio