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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is big business in the Philippines. From back office work to entire services outsourced from around the world - Megacity Manila's BPO industry is thriving.  This increases the presence of Megacitizens in Manila and creates a competitive advantage over other Megacities.

The Megacity is a sought-after destination for BPO companies because of three main reasons. The no.1 reason is it is an English-speaking city. For all people living here, English is either the first or second language. The proficiency in English of the locals is quite amazing. Additionally, the wages are comparatively low in this country, and there are a lot of office spaces that companies can rent. The information and communication infrastructure within Metro Manila is good enough to enable BPOs to provide their services to the rest of the world 24/7. These advantages make Manila a  top global BPO hub.

Working in the BPO industry is interesting in particular for people fluent in another important languages apart from English, e.g. European languages such as Russian, Arabian, Korean, or Japanese. 

Good verbal and written English skills and (if required) fluency in your native or second language are a must. But apart from that, employers are quite flexible when it comes to job requirements for most entry-level positions. Your exact qualifications and work experience are secondary, and many employers encourage fresh graduates to apply for a job. Even without much work experience, multilingual Megacitizens can often expect monthly salaries of 60.000 Pesos or more, plus benefits. This is comparable to what a well-established lawyer or manager earns in Manila. 

Areas where one can find work are call centers, market research (e.g. financial data), IT and related industries, electronics as well as translations. Some jobs, especially in the call center industry, require to work evening, night and/or weekend shifts. This also has its advantage, though, as the risk to get stuck in traffic at these times is much lower.

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