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Providing space for thousands of guests, the new Globe Circuit Events Ground is a unique location for open-air concerts, sport events, fashion shows, and cultural performances. 

The Globe Circuit Events Ground is one of the highlights of Circuit Makati, the future entertainment and lifestyle district right beside the Pasig River. It is composed of a wide green of two hectares (a real rarity in Metro Manila) and a 2,000 square meter canopy. The elegantly curved canopy can house up to 1,000 visitors, and stages of almost any size. For big open-air concerts, the green provides space for another 20,000 visitors.

Since its launch in early 2013, the Globe Circuit Events Ground has already been established as a prime festival location, hosting annual music festivals such as Wanderland and Close Up Forever Summer.

With a 30-million peso investment, Globe Telecom has obtained the naming rights for the events ground.

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Circuit Makati, Hippodromo Street, Makati City

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