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Because the Philippines is an English-speaking nation, the Megacity attracts a lot of students, lecturers, and teachers from around the world. Most students who choose to study in Metro Manila come from different parts of Southeast Asia and from South Korea, while teachers and lecturers come from different parts of the globe. The pay in education especially in private schools and universities is quite good.

While being an English-speaking country is the main reason why students from different parts of Southeast Asia come here to study, foreign teachers come here because they are usually connected with foreign development organizations and partnerships. 

Some foreign lecturers based in the Megacity have decided to do some lecturing on the side and are often also involved in guest lectures or exchange programs with Philippine universities in the Megacity. Megacitizens with an interest in education usually stay in Manila for a couple of months for a short course in English. Others, stay in the country for 4 years for a complete Bachelor's degree. Their interest for places might be similar to the Bagpackers and Volunteers as well as to the Experts and Professionals living in the Megacity.