Metro Manila · Megacitizens "Stammtisch" Meetings

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The Megacitizens Stammtisch is an event where Megacitizens from all backgrounds come together and discuss life in the Megacity. Want to join? No, problem, just drop by!

Every time something special is up, organizes a Stammtisch in the respective Megacity. The only thing you have to do, is to join the event on Facebook and then show up. If you don't show up, no problem. Maybe then next time? You see, it is just a loose meet-up to talk, eat, drink and have fun.

There will always be a topic or an issue which is announced so that everyone has a common theme to talk about. It is also good to compare notes about the favorite bar or best public transportation. We are all nice people, so even if you don't know anyone there yet, just come by and get to know the crowd!

The location rotates based on the featured bars and restaurants in our HotSpot section. So, if you like to explore new places but don't like to do it alone, you are more to welcome to join the crowd in discovering a new place every month!