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Some earned their nicknames, a few chose theirs, others inherited them. Almost everyone got a nickname in the Philippines. It's part of their identity.

In other Megacities, nicknames are used only in intimate settings with close friends. But here, Filipinos freely introduce themselves by their nicknames even if they only met the other person for the first time.

Calling each other by nickname establishes some sort of ease and comfort for the concerned individuals. Filipinos like to be less formal especially when meeting someone. Nicknames help them warm up to each other. But more often than not, their nicknames have been so ingrained in them, they can't help but just blurt them out.

Nicknames are particularly useful for politicians. During elections, their campaign posters show their first and last name in large fonts, with their nickname in between. That way, voters will have a much easier time remembering them. Some of the more famous nicknames include Noynoy, Ding Dong, Boy, Erap, Enteng, among others.

In some companies, it is required that IDs state your nickname. Filipinos love their nicknames so much, some foreigners don't realize that they have been calling a close friend by his nickname all the time.