Metro Manila · Imelda Marcos (* 2 July 1929)

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Imelda Marcos’ extravagant lifestyle and her over 2000 pairs of shoes gave birth to the word Imeldific –now an official word in the dictionary. It wasn’t just the shoes or the designer clothes and her love for closing the whole of Macy’s so she can shop without being disturbed whenever she dropped by New York City that made the Leyte native infamous. It was her elegance and her beauty that made Imelda an unforgettable figure both in the Philippines and worldwide.

During her strongman husband Ferdinand Marcos’ presidency, Imelda went from one capital to the next establishing rapport and closing deals for the Philippines. Imelda Marcos was also sent as the President’s emissary to different parts of the world. Having a penchant for the arts, the girl who used to sing in a cousin’s store in Escolta started developing the art community in Manila by providing them with a venue where they could showcase their artwork. Thanks to Mrs. Marcos, the Cultural Center of the Philippines was built.

Before she met her husband, Imelda was the Muse of Manila and graced the covers of many Philippine magazines. Although many say that Imelda hails from humble beginnings, the Romualdezes of Leyte are a well-to-do family. Her father, a scholarly man who taught law was the administrator for the law offices founded by then-Philippine Supreme Court Justice Norberto Lopez Romualdez, Imelda’s uncle. When her husband went on exile, Imelda left many of her shoes and clothes.