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Dining at Café Mary Grace is like dining at your grandmother’s where you can get your fill of pastries, cakes, and hot beverages while sitting comfortably on cushioned arm chairs.

General Information

Located at the Alabang Town Center, the Filipino-owned restaurant is known for its ensaymada –a Majorcan pastry topped with some cream and shredded cheddar cheese. Many of its patrons visit the place just to get a box of these soft, tasty ensaymadas whose original recipe came from the Spanish conquistadors that ruled the islands for over 300 years.

Mary Grace, the owner of the cozy little café, has loved baking since her childhood and the simplest of things such as watching dough rise after an ample amount of kneading thrilled her. This enthrallment remained and was carried on into motherhood. After baking in her own kitchen for so many years, the would-be restaurateur decided to fly to America to learn more about baking. After her training and a number of flour bags later, she came back to the country armed with enough knowledge to make the perfect ensaymada.

To this day, the quaint little restaurant that sits in the courtyard-like area of Alabang Town Center provides just-baked-freshness for all of their pastries with their ensaymada being the most special of all.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Café Mary Grace, although known for its ensaymada, also offers all-day-breakfast as well as sweet, refreshing homemade iced teas. Sandwiches, pizza and pasta dishes are also available on the menu. What separates the café from others is its pleasantly comfortable and cozy atmosphere complete with tables decorated with notes to Mary Grace sent by friends and patrons.

There are a number of Café Mary Grace branches around the metro and visiting one is a great idea if you are craving for breakfast meals for dinner. The ensaymada is the same in every Café Mary Grace –it is always served fresh and very tasty. The homelike feel of the café is definitely one of its best attributes making the place a great choice for intimate conversations.

Café Mary Grace also serves international delights such as Apple Pie and Chocolate Cake.

Location & How To Get There

The small café sits right across Starbucks in Corte De Las Palmas, Alabang Town Center.

Café Mary Grace
Ground Level, Corte De Las Palmas
Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City


Tel.: (63) 2 384 0129 or (63) 2 828 8476