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Chinese-Filipinos Ivan Man Dy and Anson Yu let tourists and locals experience more of Manila's rich historical past through engaging and fun walking tours of its storied quarters. 

Old Manila Walks is a tour outfit that specializes in cultural-historical themed tours around Manila's historic places like Intramuros, Binondo (Chinatown), San Miguel-Malacañang Palace, the Chinese Cemetery and Corregidor Island

There are seven walking tours to choose from.

The Big Binondo Food Wok is a culinary tour of Binondo while learning Tsinoy history lasting three and a half hours. The walking tour includes Plaza Calderon dela Barca, Basilica de San Lorenzo Ruiz, Ongpin Street, traditional Chinatown shops and restaurants, and Carvajal Alley Market. 

Walls of this Content is a two and a half hours tour of Intramuros. Participants will get to know more its churches, past plazas, cobblestone streets, battles, treasure shops, golf course, etc. The route includes Plaza Roma, Manila Cathedral, Intramuros Wall, San Ignacio Ruins, San Agustin Church and Monastery, Barrio San Luis. The tour ends with a fine dining lunch or dinner or a dinner cruise at the Manila Bay

Power, Palace, and a Shot of Beer is a tour of the Malacanan Palace, the Philippine President's home and office, and her intrigues and legends. The walking tour ends with a merienda at a colonial-period mansion called Legarda Mansion. This particular tour is available Mondays to Fridays only, lasting two and a half hours only.

Mounds, Magnates, and Mausoleums is visiting the Chinese cemetery, marveling at the most interesting funerary architecture for two and a half hours.

Halo-Halo Espesyal lets participants to choose any two walks mentioned above and combine into half-a-day's tour, ending with a fine dining lunch or dinner or a dinner cruise at the Manila Bay. The tour is four and a half hours. 

Of Bombs, Big Guns and Lost Gold covers Corregidor island, the island fortress by the Manila Bay. Otherwise known as "The Rock," the island hides tales of military strategies, enemy invasion, lost treasures and conspiracy theories during World War II. The tour route includes the island lighthouse, warship flagpole, senior officers' or bachelors' barracks, Cine Corregidor, Mile Long Barracks. Battery Way, old hospital, and the Pacific War Memorial and Museum. 

Location and how to get there

The meeting point for each of the tours are indicated here.



Tel: (63) 2 711 3823

Mobile: (63) 918 962 64 52

Contact person: Ivan or Cherry

Guide for Megacitizens

As part of the Malacanan Palace security procedures, Megacitizens are required to give their full names to be submitted at least 10 days advance before the tour date. Non-Filipino citizens need to submit a clear scanned copy of their passport. To book with Old Manila Walks, Megacitizens are encouraged to send an email as the contact persons are sometimes not able to answer calls especially when they are conducting the walking tours.