Metro Manila · Oldtimers of Makati's Fire Station

Makati Central Fire Station "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/local-life/life-laws-and-events-in-manila/makati-central-fire-station/1861231-1-eng-GB/Makati-Central-Fire-Station_zoom_image.jpg" 1022 517 Makati Central Fire Station

Do you like oldtimers or have a kid that is crazy about fire trucks? Then you should pay a visit to the Makati Central Fire Station.

The fire station possesses a collection of older but beautiful and seemingly well-maintained vehicles from past decades. The fire station is not secluded from the street and passer-by can have a close look at the ambulance and deep-red fire engines.

As elsewhere in the Philippines, the municipal budget does not often seem to allow the purchase of expansive state-of-the-art rescue equipment. Concerns were already raised that the fire brigades in Metro Manila are not really prepared for fighting fires in the ever-growing condominiums throughout the megacity.

However, the local government of Makati recently agreed to buy more search and rescue equipment and disaster preparedness tools, among them a chemical fire truck with foam.


Makati Central Fire Station

Ayala Avenue extension corner Malugay Street

Makati City