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Cafe Juanita's rather eccentric - if not odd - interior design makes the Filipino restaurant cozier than its neighboring restaurants in Burgos Circle.

General Information

Saying that the restaurant is cozy is an understatement because once one enters it, you will feel like you are entering the home of a friend or a relative – a Filipino one that is.

Cafe Juanita has an eclectic ambiance thanks to the mishmash of decors on its walls, chairs and table setting. There are also different light fixtures that give the restaurant a rather unique quality. Lamps hanging over tables also have bells attached to them so that patrons can just ring the bell when they want to order additional items.

Special Services

You can rent the second floor of Cafe Juanita for private functions.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Although the Filipino restaurant has poor acoustics, it’s a nice place to go to, especially if you like places that are cozy and that some would describe as courteously kitsch.

The food is special in a sense that you get to experience eating it like you are in a Filipino home. As for the menu, their best is their oxtail and tripe dish called Kare-Kare in the vernacular. Kare-Kare is a peanut stew and it is served with toasted rice at Cafe Juanita.

The helpings are ample, making it the best place to go to if you are out with the whole family.

Location & How To Get There

Unit WS-2 Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center, Fort Bonifacio

Tel.: (63) 2 486 5223