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Living in a Megacity is always a unique experience, but there are certain things and services that everybody needs in order to 'survive' in the Metro, from drinking water and medical care to Internet access and transportation. In this section you find all the useful information, contact data, and websites to serve your daily needs in Manila.

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Let us familiarize you with the Megacity Manila. 

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2016 has bid us goodbye and now we've got the new year in our midst. Are you ready for 2017? If you can't get enough of holidays in general, we've prepared the list of 2017 holidays for your reference. 

The Philippines has a high number of holidays throughout the year, most of them religious festivities or commemoration of national heroes. 

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With its rich cultural background, the Philippines is proud to host plenty of events, revolving around art, movies, music, or religious and traditional holidays. Those events always bring together mixed crowds and are usually enjoyed by a large number of people. So if you plan to visit an event, plan ahead!

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Whether you are needing the latest updates to run your business, are interested in politics or just want to know what is going on in the Megacity, news and information are vital to the life of a Megacitizen. Manila, well-known in Southeast Asia to have a comparatively high degree of free media and investigative journalism (though almost all media outlets are owned by powerful corporations and families), offers a variety of sources to acquire the information you are looking for.

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There are a lot of places in the Megacity where you can have the perfect shopping experience - and in some you can even do the groceries and go shopping the latest clothes at once. For the latter category, have a look at our section on selected Malls in the Megacity. This section features stand-alone supermarkets, shopping centres, and stores which offer a wide range in goods as well as a great shopping experience.

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Whether you want to get to know the Philippine cuisine or crave for some food from your home country, in Metro Manila you have all the options. Here we let you know where to go for fine dining, vegetarian food, fresh bread, and 'merienda', and which Pinoy delicacies you have to try out.

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If there is one thing that Filipinos have mastered (apart from being some of the kindest people on Earth) it is knowing how to spend their free-time. Leisure is definitely not a problem to obtain in the Megacity Manila. No matter if you like travelling, watching movies, singing karaoke, hanging out with friends over an ice-cold beer, playing laser tag, going to the beach for a day, or spent your hard-earned money shopping: you will definitely be happy to be there.

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Health Care in the Megacity is generally very good. Nurses and Doctors are well educated and a substantial amount of those educated in the country work abroad, in clinics in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. In comparison to other Southeast Asian countries, there is no need to leave the country for serious illnesses. If there is a need for a second opinion, there is still the opportunity to board a three-hour flight to Singapore.

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No matter if you are based in a Megacity of the first or the third world, dangers lurk around every other corner. We help you distinguish the other corners from the safe corners. Read through it and let us know if you have further recommendations!

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There are many different possibilities regarding where to stay and how to live in Manila, depending on the purpose and length of your stay, your budget, and if you stay here alone, with your partner or family.

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Electronic communication is a very important aspect of every-day life, even more so in a Megacity where friends and colleagues might live in different cities. Here is everything you need to know about communication in the Megacity, from landlines and cell phones to tablets and online shopping.

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The name of the country's currency is Philippine Pesos. 100 Centavos equal 1 Peso. Most services and products and paid for by cash, followed by credit and debit cards issued by local banks, followed by international credit cards. Cheques are mostly used for salaries and rent.

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If not arranged beforehand, it might be very difficult for a Megacitizen to find an adequate job in Manila. Only international organizations and companies as well as the education sector offer salary ranges that are sufficient for a Megacitizen. If you dream about beach and pristine water and think you can somehow make a living and just go there, you might want to re-think that one. While there are a lot of job openings, those should be explored before going to the Megacity. The obstacles for obtaining the required VISA and work permits however are comparatively low, especially when facilitated by your soon-to-be employer.

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The good news is that there is a variety of very good international schools - from Kindergarten to postgraduate courses - located in the Megacity, for every of your children's period of life and even yourself. Education however - especially good one - is a luxury good in the Philippines and therefore quite expensive. 

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Clubs & Networks are a perfect opportunities to get in touch and stay connected with like-minded people in the Megacity. Here we list organizations and associations that target an international crowd and revolve around a common theme, such as culture, sports, business, charity, or just bringing together people from the same country.

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With its confusing traffic system and crazy driving culture, getting around in the Megacity Manila can be quite an adventure. The good news is that you will hardly get lost anywhere without the chance to use public transport.

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The country around the Megacity has everything you could wish for, from sandy beaches to breath-taking mountains, from pristine water to untouched deep jungle. As the archipelago consists of 7107 islands (give or take some during high-tide and low-tide), it is almost a necessity to hop on a plane from time to time to reach your destination.

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Do you need to send your grandparents a postcard from Manila? Do you have to send an important document abroad? Find out more about logistics solutions in the Megacity.