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Dive into the deep blue sea without getting wet! Manila Ocean Park awaits you with an amazing experience of the biodiversity of Earth's oceans and shorelines. The combination of entertainment and education appeals to the whole family and makes this world class marine theme park one of the city's most popular attractions among locals and tourists alike.

General Information

Plenty of huge aquariums and a 220-degree curved glass tunnel let you take a close look on roughly 300 different marine animals from the Philippines, Southeast Asia and all over the world – from sharks and stingrays to the giant spider crab to seahorses and the multicolored mandarin fish.

It won't be easy to choose among the many attractions: Do you want to take a walk under water in special diving suits, feed penguins in a frosty antarctic setting, or just relax in the calming atmosphere of the jellyfish exhibition? Ocean Park offers a number of shows as well, such as the funny sea lion show, a bird show and a daily symphony of fire, water and lights. Apart from that you will find plenty of opportunities to shop and eat in the park.

Guide for Megacitizens

You can just visit Manila Ocean Park spontaneously, but we recommend to take a look on its comprehensive website first. Here you can sort out if you want to just enjoy the pure fun activities or if you rather concentrate on those attractions with a certain educational value. The website also lists promo tickets that allow entrance to several different attractions and shows for a reduced price.

Location And How To Get There

Manila Ocean Park is located right at the shore of Manila Bay,

behind Quirino Grandstand near Rizal Park

Roxas Boulevard, Luneta, Manila City

Tel: (63) 2 567 7777


Manila Ocean Park