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Say "Wellness Center”, and everyone immediately associates it with spa treatments and traditional medicine. Yet, Metafactor is backed by a certain philosophy and a fresh twist – putting together dermatological, dental, gym, spa, and rehab facilities under one massive roof.

The facilities at Metafactor are state-of-the-art. This includes the Power Plate and the Hydropool. The Power Plate transmits vibrations for a more efficient muscle strengthening and increased flexibility during workout, meanwhile reducing post-workout muscle soreness. Working out on the Power Plate for 10 minutes is equivalent to 60 minutes.

Metafactor's Hydropool is the first and only underwater treadmill in the Philippines. The Hydropool provides a gravity- and pain-free running experience, using the resistant properties of water, which serve to enhance the quality of running. Water reduces one’s body weight, thereby lessening the stress on joints. At the same time, jet streams provide added resistance, giving one a full body work out. An inbuilt massage system also helps prevent post-workout body soreness, all in front of a life-size flat screen TV. And yes, the pool is also good for a standard swim.

On top of it all, the center is supervised by top-notch doctors, while its staff is comprised of registered professionals who have undergone long training in customer care.

The Metafactor – Wellness Center has recently been one of my favorite spots in the Megacity, because it responds to that much needed rejuvenation for the individual’s skin, body, and mind, especially after hours of football training, a night of partying, or a few days of writing, that one hyperactive, always on the move Megacitizen like myself needs.

Location & How To Get There

Metafactor Wellness Center is located at a prime location in the HotSpot Roxas Boulevard at the Bay Area in Manila, beside the Diamond Hotel.

Roxas Boulevard corner Pasaje del Carmen, Malate, Manila City

Tel: (63) 2 353 3130